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Updated June 28, 2019

December 12, 2011

Россия в иностранной прессе


Associated Press

If Putin talks with the opposition, it should be done "not with the goal of talks for the sake of talks, hoping that the situation will dissolve by itself, but for finding very meaningful and real compromise," Yevgeny Gontmakher, an adviser to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, wrote on his blog Sunday. (...)

Under Putin, Russian authorities routinely denied opposition groups permission to hold rallies or strangled their effectiveness by limiting attendance to a few hundred. Unauthorized attempts or larger crowds generally brought clashes with police and extensive arrests.

But most of Saturday's protests had official sanction and Moscow officials showed unprecedented largesse by authorizing a crowd of 30,000 _ and not sending riot police into action when the crowd clearly exceeded that number.

That indicated that Putin, if not already listening, is deeply concerned about his weakened position. He had much to lose if he went for the usual strategy of repressing the opposition.

If Putin had chosen a harsh crackdown, he risked international opprobrium that could have brought expulsion from the Group of Eight and the relocation of prestigious events such as next year's APEC summit in Vladivostok and even the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Gontmakher said.

Putin's ability to attract such events has been a key part of the esteem citizens held for him, restoring Russians' sense that their country is again a thriving world power after a long spell of confusion and chaos.



"This is the start of a new stage," said Yevgeny Gontmakher of the Institute of Contemporary Development centre set up by Mr Medvedev in 2008.

"People have developed a taste for mass demonstrations and are now ready to rise up in response to anything," Mr Gontmakher said.


Le Matin

Ces élections sont "la goutte d’eau qui a fait déborder le vase", après le mécontentement grandissant de la population face aux injustices et à la corruption, estime Evgueni Gontmakher, de l’Institut du développement contemporain.

"Les gens ont pris goût aux manifestations de masse et sont prêts à se mobiliser à nouveau à tout moment et pour n’importe quel prétexte", ajoute l’expert.

MEDVÉDEV PROMETE COMPROBAR LAS INFORMACIONES SOBRE IRREGULARIDADES. El presidente ruso dice, no obstante, que no comparte el sentir de los manifestantes. La Comisión Electoral afirma que solamente la Justicia puede anular los comicios


El que todavía no ha dicho ni una palabra sobre las manifestaciones es Putin. El politólogo Evgueni Gontmacher, del Instituto de Desarrollo Contemporáneo, considera que la pelota está ahora en el tejado del primer ministro. «Va a tener que optar por apretar las tuercas a la oposición, algo que llevará a Rusia al aislamiento, o empezar con ella un verdadero diálogo y hacer concesiones, convocado nuevas elecciones. Aunque sea en los entes territoriales, incluyendo Moscú y San Petersburgo, en donde el número de irregularidades fue más palpable».


Tuổi Trẻ (Ханой)

Cuộc bầu cử đã như “một giọt nước tràn ly” từ sự không hài lòng ngày càng tăng của người dân trước những bất công và nạn tham nhũng, như đánh giá của E.Gontmakher thuộc Viện Phát triển đương đại.


The Voice of America

Boris Makarenko, chairman of the Center for Political Technologies, an independent think tank in Moscow, does not believe the Russian street will dethrone the Czar. “I don’t think it is going towards an Orange Revolution like in Ukraine, Georgia or Yugoslavia,” said Makarenko. (...)

With a six-year presidential term at stake in March, analyst Makarenko said Putin has to offer Russians a vision for the future. “The catch is that the Russian people lost its optimism during the crisis - not the savings, not the social status. People want their optimism back - and the ruling party did not care to help them in that. Mr. Putin has his chance. He has his agenda to announce,” said Makarenko.


Amerika Ovozi

“Ukraina, Gruziyada bo’lgani kabi inqilob kutmang. Putin hech qayerga ketmaydi”, - deydi Boris Makarenko, Moskvadagi siyosiy-tahlil markazi direktori. (...)

Rossiyaning keyingi prezidenti olti yilga saylanadi. Putin odamlarni mamlakat to’g’ri yo’ldan borayotganiga ishontira olishi kerak, deydi siyosatshunos Boris Makarenko.

“Gap shundaki, krizis paytida omma orasida optimizm yo’qoldi, oradan ishonch ketdi. Shuni tiklay olsa, yaxshi dastur bilan chiqsa, Putinning imkoniyati bor”.

FOR RUSSIA, THIS IS THE END OF AN ERA. The protests against Vladimir Putin's party show the people have finally run out of patience with rigid, lawless elites

The Guardian

Igor Yurgens, head of the Institute of Contemporary Development (and a former supporter of president Dmitry Medvedev) complained that the Kremlin "underestimated the gap between a society that has become sophisticated and advanced and the feudal relations that operate at the upper echelons of state power".

THE DECEMBRISTS. No one's quite sure what's going on in the streets of Moscow - or what to call it - but it's growing and powerful ... and could all end badly

Foreign Policy

"September 24 was the signal," says Igor Yurgens, head of the INSOR think tank, once see as Medvedev's brain trust. "The feeling was, they can't do this. Six, most likely 12 years with no discussions, no consultations. Even the Communist Party, when they picked the general secretary, even though it was totally clear that they would install whomever they wanted, there were still party meetings across the whole country. Even with the understanding that they'd get their person, they still worked on building consensus. Here, in one day, two people -- but most probably one person -- decided the next decade without anyone else." (...)

"I suspect the situation will be very serious on Saturday," says Yurgens. "If the Kremlin has enough brains to enter into discussions, to form a coalition government, to fire the current government before the elections, there's a chance. But if they just carry on as if nothing happened, we can expect rough times ahead."