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Updated June 28, 2019

November 9, 2011

Россия в иностранной прессе


Russia & India Report

“The appearance of a common BRICS position means that it’s becoming a real global player. It is worth the effort. These countries can meet the challenge”, says Nikita Maslennikov, adviser to the Russian Institute of Contemporary Development. It’s “the start of the process of BRICS positioning itself as a subject of geopolitics. It is already a player in the world economy but it has yet to emerge as a player in global politics,” he stressed. BRICS countries have been discussing options for helping the eurozone since September. They have the backing of the IMF, as its head Christine Lagarde has often repeated. This is all the more important because the IMF could provide the most convenient channels for delivering such aid. “The overall picture shows that BRICS countries tend to solve issues collectively. That means that BRICS will channel its aid to the Europeans through the International Monetary Fund”, says Maslennikov.