Analytical Bulletin, Issue 5 (36), May 2015

June 3, 2015

The Institute of Contemporary Development has published its most recent analytical bulletin. The main topics of this issue are: "Russian Europeans" yesterday and today; Global challenges through the eyes of the Council of Councils; The Riga Summit of "Eastern partnership"; Russia and Latvia; Prospects of the Chinese economy.

The annotation of Analytical Bulletin can be found bellow. The full text of the bulletin in Russian can be found here.

Issue 5 (36)

In this issue:

I. Yurgens. On Russian Europeans
Transcript of the lecture in the University of the Committee of the Civic Initiatives under aegis of Alexei Kudrin.

S. Kulik.  Following the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga
About results of the Riga summit of the Eastern Partnership, including impacts on the dialogue with Russia. Plans of the Partnership would be corrected to be more adequate with new realities and due to unforeseen costs for the West and the European Union. But without compromises with Moscow possible changes could be more substantial.

J. Urbanovich. Tar a Fly in the Ointment of the Euro-Presidency
Commentary on the Riga’s summit of the Eastern Partnership. There is a discrepancy between demands of the participants of the Partnership and their readiness to fulfill obligations given to the European Union.

N. Maslennikov. China – A Thorny Path to “New Normal”
On rising risks of the Chinese economy on the way to a new development model.  “New Normal” of the economy gradually transforms to a day-to-day objective reality.

S. Kulik. Global Challenges – 2015
Comments on the Report Card on International Cooperation. 2014-2015, prepared by the Council of Councils under aegis of the US Council on Foreign Relations. This document about ten global challenges was prepared with the participation of the Institute of Contemporary Development.

I. Yurgens. Russians are not eager to escape from the “Latvian yoke”.
From an interview for the Riga’s newspaper “Latvijas Avise” (April 24, 2015) about the situation in Russia, prospects of the Russian foreign police and the Russian-speaking citizens in Latvia.