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Updated June 28, 2019

Results of Youth Competition in Foresight Announced

July 5, 2011

The results of a foresight competition were announced on June 28 in Moscow. The organizers of the competition which was launched in November 2010 were Moscow State University of Technology and Management, Moscow Municipal Psychology and Sociology University, the Institute of Contemporary Development, the International Futures Research Academy and the All-Russian Znanie Society.

The competition had three categories in which individuals up to 35 years of age could compete: 1) Best application of foresight instruments, 2) Best commentary on foresight work, and 3) Best original use of foresight methods.

The organizing committee received 23 entries from participants representing 10 cities throughout Russia: Almetievsk, Astrakhan, Vladimir, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Michurinsk, Moscow, Samara, St. Petersburg and Sochi.

The entries were by experts from the organizations who arranged the competition. On the basis of the final evaluations of the entries, there winners were determined to be as follows:

Nomination 1: Mikhail Korotkov (Volgograd State University)
Nomination 2: Lyudmila Ignatova (Moscow State University of Technology and Management)
Nomination 3: Daria Yorkhova (State University of Management)

The organizers of the competition announced their intention to hold the competition again in the upcoming year. The categories of the next competition will be announced later in 2011.