INSOR Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development
Updated June 28, 2019

Conference on "Structural Modernization of Russia's Financial System"

March 16, 2010

March 16 the Institute of Contemporary Development hosted a conference on the “Structural Modernization of Russia's Financial System".

Among members of the conference organized by the INSOR and the Bank of Moscow were authors of the analytical report “Structural Modernization of Russia's Financial System": Director of the Strategic Research Center of the Bank of Moscow Alexey Vedev; Director of the “Stock Market Development Center” Yuri Danolov; Director of the Centre for Economic Research of Moscow Academy of Finance and Industry and Member of the Committee on Banks and Banking Activities of the Council of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists (RSPP) Sergei Moiseev; INSOR expert Nikita Maslennikov etc.

The authors briefed the audience on the key findings of the report; told about the conditions and financial parameters, which can ensure balanced socio-economic development of Russia up to 2020; suggested patterns of structural reforms for the banking sector; focused on the issues related to the national financial literacy program etc.

Among other members of the discussion are Deputy Ministers of Finance of the Russian federation A.Savatiugin and S.Storchak; Member of the State Duma Committee on Financial Markets A.Aksakov; Lead Economist for Russia of the World Bank in Russia J.Bogetic and a number of other Russia’s leading analysts and economy experts.