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Updated April 18, 2019

Can Economic Growth Be Socially Inclusive and Environmentally Sustainable?

August 17, 2012

On August 17, Igor Yurgens participated in the Trilogue Salzburg 2012. This forum brings together political and corporate decision-makers, social entrepreneurs and visionaries, and leading think tank representatives from around the world.

The Trilogue Salzburg has been jointly organized since 2007 by the Bertelsmann Foundation and the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs.

This year a high level roundtable debate will engage in a discussion on the prospects of socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth.

We are glad to bring to your attention a background paper prepared by Seán Cleary, Vice Chair of the Future World Foundation. The paper summarizes the research papers prepared for the Trialogue Salzburg 2012 by several think tanks including the Institute of Contemporary Development.