10th Baltic Sea Region Forum

June 1, 2017

Director for international studies of the Institute of Contemporary Development Sergey Kulik took part in the work of the 10th Baltic Sea Region Forum, which was organised at Turku School of Economics on 30 May 2017.
The theme of the 10th Forum was "Global storms and the economic development in the Baltic Sea region".

On the eve of the Forum paper on the policy of the Russian Federation in the region by Sergey Kulik  was published  on the website of the Centrum Balticum Foundation.

Russian – Western relationship crisis is increasing. How the expert union can help?

May 30, 2017

Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Contemporary Development Igor Yurgens and Director for international studies Sergey Kulik took part in the work of the XXII International conference the “Baltic Forum”, which was held in Riga on 27 May 2017.

Memorandum of Understanding

May 30, 2017

On 27 May 2017 in Riga, during the conference of the Baltic Forum signed a Memorandum of cooperation between the Atlantic Council (USA), the Baltic Forum (Latvia), the Institute of Contemporary Development and Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Affairs (both Russia) about cooperation and creating a Dialogue to enhance mutual understanding and to develop a road map of development of relations between Russia and the West.

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Photograph from the website of the Baltic Forum

EU and Russia’s Common Neighborhood: Shared or Contested?

April 25, 2017

Director for international studies Sergey Kulik on April 20-21 participated in Warsaw in a seminar “EU and Russia’s Common Neighborhood: Shared or Contested?”

European leaders on Iranian nuclear agreement

July 25, 2015

Оver 70 European political, diplomatic and military leadership figures, including Igor Yurgens, express support for the Iranian nuclear agreement. A group statement of European Leadership Network calls the July 14th agreement a sound framework for ending the crisis and urges specific actions to implement the deal by the U.S. Congress, EU countries and Iran.

The full text:

Igor Yurgens: "We are in a recession now, and soon we’ll be in a free fall"

November 19, 2014

Chairman of the Management Board of INSOR Igor Yurgens was interviewed by the newspaper Novaya Gazeta, responding to questions about the problems facing the Russian economy in light of the sanctions and plummeting oil prices.

— For the economy and business – what hurts most under the sanctions?

— The sectoral and financial sanctions. The cheap money we used to have is gone. To top it all — and it’s either another tool or pure circumstance — oil prices are dropping… The lack of options to borrow money to service debts, and the budget cuts resulting from almost a 30% oil price drop — that’s the heaviest blow to be dealt to both the budget and business. How do we get out of that? – That’s an interesting question.

Igor Yurgens: “It is impossible to turn the country back to obscurantism”

November 14, 2014

In an interview with Novaya Gazeta, INSOR Management Board Chairman Igor Yurgens takes a look at political developments on Russia in recent years and shares his views on how the crisis in Ukraine emerged.

Belgrade Meeting of Trilateral Commission

November 5, 2014

Chairman of the Management Board of the Institute of Contemporary Development Igor Yurgens took part in the work of the 38th European session of the Trilateral Commission, which was held in Belgrade October 31 – November 2.

During the meetings the discussion focused on the current state of affairs in the European Union, the Ukrainian Crisis, expansion of European integration in the Southwest Balkans, energy policy of the European Union, role of new technologies in economic progress on the whole and in infrastructure construction in particular.

Read more in the October issue of the INSOR Analytical Bulletin.

Engaging Russia: A Return to Containment?

May 16, 2014

The Trilaterial Commission posted on its public website a short version of new "Russian" report.

This report was preparing and discussing for a year. Paula Dobriansky, Andrzej Olechowski and Yukio Satoh were its authors. For the first time, Trilateral invited Russia to join as a full-fledged partner in the project, a task which was undertaken by Igor Yurgens.

The final full version will be published in the coming months in the regular series of "Triangle papers".

Trilateral Commission Conference in Washington

April 29, 2014

INSOR Management Board Chairman of Igor Yurgens took part in the work of the annual conference of the Trilateral Commission. The meeting, organized by this authoritative international platform for research and discussion which includes leading statesmen, scholars and entrepreneurs from North America, Europe and Asia, was held April 24-27 in the US capital.

The conference was addresses by US Secretary of State John Kerry. Predictably, the Ukrainian crisis occupied a significant portion of his remarks. The exasperated tone of the remarks indicates that the Geneva agreement is failing to live up to its promise.