INSOR Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development
Updated June 28, 2019

Leonid Reiman,
Doctor of Science (Economics); Board of Trustees Member, Institute of Contemporary Development

Statement of Board of Trustees Member Leonid Reiman

Time charges Russian authorities with essential and important tasks in the fields of economics, state construction and social policy. These are complex challenges implying a high level of responsibility. We are creating an innovative Russian economy.

The effectiveness of the actions of the country’s leaders in no small measure depends on their participation in the development of a mechanism for the achievement of the targets set by the scientific community of Russia, specialists and independent experts. The importance of this participation was noted at the highest level. I suppose that such a position by our authorities will became a guarantee of the successful activities of our Institute.

The ‘assets’ of the Institute include the crème de la crème of Russian experts: economists as well as specialists in social policy, information technology and innovations, and international relations. They will be the ones to set up the action plan that is in great demand by both the government and society. Such potential will enable productive and substantive work results.

I am sure that the Institute of Contemporary Development will became one of the main strategic political centres in Russia. Its ambitious activities will help innovative, technological and social movements move further ahead. This means that Russia will soon become a country with a developed economy and a good standard of living, a well-established democratic and social justice system, mutual understanding among the public, and equitable and mutually beneficial relations throughout the world.