INSOR Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development
Updated April 1, 2020

Board of Trustees

  • dm.jpg
    Dmitry Medvedev
    President of the Russian Federation

Members of the Board

  • Elvira Nabiullina
    Minister of Economic Development
  • Evgeny Velikhov
    President of the Kurchatov Institute
  • Leonid Reiman
    Doctor of Science (Economics)
  • Anton Ivanov
    Chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation
  • Oleg Morozov
    First Deputy Speaker of the Russian State Duma
  • Evgeny Yasin
    Academic Director of the State University – Higher School of Economics
  • Dmitry Mezentsev
    Governor of Irkutsk Oblast of the Russian Federation
  • Alexander Chubaryan
    Director of the Institute of General History, Russian Academy of Science
  • Alexander Dynkin
    Director of the Institute of World Economics and International Affairs, Russian Academy of Science
  • Valery Makarov
    Director of the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Science
  • Arkady Dvorkovich
    Aide to the President of the Russian Federation