INSOR Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development
Updated December 10, 2019


The Institute of Contemporary Development engages Russia’s and the world’s leading academics, corporate, and government leaders in open and candid dialogue on practical ways of creating a modern Russian society. The Institute initiates expert panels and conferences, conducts high-quality, independent research and represents a forum for transparent and democratic exchange of ideas and views.

Zabolotny Igor

"Deputy General Director, Russian Satellite Communications Company Federal State Unitary Enterprise"

Zadvorny Vitaly

"Director, Institute of European Studies"

Zagorski Andrey

"Leading Researcher and Associate Professor, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)"

Zakharov Andrey

"Vice-President, Foundation for the Development of Parliamentarism in Russia"

Zakharov Sergey

"Head of Laboratory of Analysis and Forecast of the Population, Centre for Human Demography and Ecology of the INP of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Director, Centre for Demographic Research, Institute of Demography, State University Higher School of Economics"

Zarydny Dmitry

"Doctor of Science (Engineering); Head of Applied Informatics Department, Moscow State Humanitarian Institute; Professor, Applied Informatics Department, Computer Equipment Department, Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics"

Zaslavskaya Tatiana

"Academician, Russian Academy of Sciences; Dean, Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation"

Zebelev Igor

"Doctor of Science (Education); Head of US Representative Office, RIA-Novosti "

Zelkova Larissa

"Board Member, Interros "

Zhavoronkov Sergey

"Senior Researcher, Institute for the Economy in Transition"

Zhelonkin Vladimir

"Deputy General Director, Svyazinvest"

Zhilin Alexander

"Deputy Head, IT Department (Social Policy), Glavstroy Corporation "

Zhilyakova Yekaterina

"Editor-in-Chief, Munitsipalnaya Vlast (Municipal Authority) Magazine"

Zhukov Alexander

"Editor-in-Chief, Biznes i Bezopasnost (Business and Security); Infoforum"

Zhukov Andrey

"Deputy Head, Analytical Department, State Duma Executive Office"

Zhuravlev Sergey

"Business writer, Expert Magazine; Member of the Advisory Committee to the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation"

Zhuravlev Yuri

"Academician, Russian Academy of Sciences; Deputy Director, Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

Zolotykh Natalia

"Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation; General Director, TRANSTECHNOLOGIES Company of Patent Attorneys "

Zotova Yekaterina

"International Projects Director, Unity for Russia Foundation "

Zubarevich Natalia

"Professor, Independent Institute for Social Policy "