INSOR Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development
Updated December 10, 2019


The Institute of Contemporary Development engages Russia’s and the world’s leading academics, corporate, and government leaders in open and candid dialogue on practical ways of creating a modern Russian society. The Institute initiates expert panels and conferences, conducts high-quality, independent research and represents a forum for transparent and democratic exchange of ideas and views.

Yablokov Igor

"Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy); Deputy Head, Department of Philosophy, Religion and Religious Studies, Lomonosov Moscow State University "

Yakobson Lev

"First Pro-rector, Department of State Administration and Public Economics, Higher School of Economics State University"

Yakovets Yuri

"Doctor of Science (Economics); Professor, Russian Academy of Public Administration; President, Pitirim Sorokin-Nikolai Kondratieff International Institute"

Yakovlev Andrey

"Pro-rector, Director, Institute for Business and Market Research, Higher School of Economics State University"

Yakutova Marina

"Director, Centre for Legal Support to Local Governments"

Yang David

"Founder and Chairman of the Board, ABBYY "

Yapparov Tagir

"President, IT Co."

Yarygina Tatiana

Institute of the Accounting Chamber

Yasina Irina

"Chief Researcher; Chairman, Expert Council of the Club of Regional Journalists, Institute for the Economy in Transition"

Yeliseyeva Irina

"Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Director, St. Petersburg Branch, Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

Yelistratov Boris

Adviser to the Secretariat of the Head of the State Duma Executive Office of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Yemelin Ivan

"Adviser to the Director, Department for Presidential Affairs "

Yemelyanov Gennady

"Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics); Chairman of the Board, AZI "

Yermoshkin Nikolai

"Manager, Internet Solutions Group for Business, CISCO"

Yeroshkin Pavel

"Analyst, Global Research Centre, UK; Parliamentary Aide to Lord Skidelsky at the House of Lords, British Parliament"

Yevgeny Yasin

"Academic Supervisor, Higher School of Economics State University"

Yevremeyev Oleg

"Chairman, Coordinating Council of Employers` Unions of Russia"

Yevtushkin Aleksandr

"Adviser to the Chairman of the Board, MezhBusinessBank"

Yudaeva Ksenia

"Director, Centre for Macroeconomic Research, Chief Advisor to the President, Chief Economist, Sberbank of Russia "

Yudin Alexey

"Executive Secretary, Editorial Board of Catholic Encyclopedia "