INSOR Russia: Institute of Contemporary Development
Updated December 10, 2019


The Institute of Contemporary Development engages Russia’s and the world’s leading academics, corporate, and government leaders in open and candid dialogue on practical ways of creating a modern Russian society. The Institute initiates expert panels and conferences, conducts high-quality, independent research and represents a forum for transparent and democratic exchange of ideas and views.

Rabinovich Vadim

"Candidate of Science (Chemistry); Doctor of Science (Philosophy); Head of Department, Russian Institute of Culturology; Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University "

Radaev Vadim

"First Pro-rector, Higher School of Economics State University "

Ragozina Lyudmila

"Head of Monitoring of the Reform of Local Self-Administration Project, Institute of Urban Economy Foundation"

Raikov Alexander

"Doctor of Science (Engineering); Professor; President, New Strategies Analytical Agency "

Razlogov Kirill

"Doctor of Philosophy (Art History); Professor; Director, Institute of Cultural Studies"

Razvorotneva Svetlana

"Head of Executive Committee, Russian Council of Local Self-Administration"

Rean Artur

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education; Doctor of Science (Psychology); Professor

Reshetnikov Andrey

"Academician, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; Head of Department of Sociology of Medicine and Health Care Economy, Moscow Sechenov Medical Academy; Director, Moscow City Foundation for Mandatory Medical Insurance"

Retinskaya Irina

"Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor; Leading Researcher, Informika State Research Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications "

Reznik Boris

"Member of the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technologies and Communication of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation "

Reznik Henry

Candidate of Science (Law); Associate Professor; Lawyer; Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

Rodionov Alexander

"Head of Department of Economics and Management, Moscow State University of Engineering Ecology "

Roschin Georgy

"Member, Secretariat for Church and Public Interaction, Public Relations Department of Moscow Patriarchate "

Roschin Sergey

"Pro-rector; Head of Department of Labor and Population Economics, State University Higher School of Economics "

Roschina Yana

"Associate Professor,Department of Economic Sociology, Higher School of Economics State University "

Roslyakov Alexander

"Candidate of Science (Engineering); Associate Professor, Department of Automatic Electric Communication, Volga Region Academy of Telecommunication and Information, Infosfera Research and Practical Centre "

Rubinshtein Alexander

"First Deputy Director, Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences"

Rubtsov Alexander

"Head of the Centre for Studies of Ideological Processes, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences "

Rudakov Konstantin

"Head of the Department of Computational Methods, Computer Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences "

Rudashevsky, "Vladimir

"Adviser to Chairman, Sistema Joint-Stock-Financial Corporation "